Calculation of absorption cross sections and absorptivity

General Input

Target molecule NO
Implemented Spectroscopy:
NO A-X (v'' = 0-11, v' = 0-1, J'' = 0.5-50.5)
O2 B-X  (v'' = 0-14, v' = 0-15, N'' = 1-50)
Temperature [K] Must be < 5000 K
Pressure [bar]

Wavelength min. [nm or cm-1]

Wavelength max. [nm or cm-1]

Wavelength res. [nm or cm-1]

Values < 2000 are interpreted as [nm]. Stay within consistent unit system for these three parameters.

Resulting total number of data points must be ≤ 1001.

Calculation of transmission

Number density [cm-3] or
Mole fraction [0..1]
Values ≤ 1 are interpreted as mole fractions, number density is then calculated from T and p information given above.
Path length [cm]

Laser spectral distribution (Voigt profile)

Gaussian contribution HWHM [cm-1] Must be > 0
Lorentzian contribution HWHM [cm-1]

Gasphase Composition

Needed for simulating pressure broadening and shifting.

Precalculated gasphase composition: equilibrium flame exhaust gas, phi = 1.0 CH4/air, T = 1200-3000K
User-defined gasphase composition
Species N2 O2 H2O CO2 CO CH4 Ar
Mole fraction